Create famous landmarks from household items

Think you know your famous landmarks?

Well this is the game for you! You will need to create the structure of famous landmarks using household items!

Before you start you might want to watch the video to the left that gives you some fun facts about famous monuments.


What you will need:

This can be undertaken in various different ways; either as a project or a game with family members.

The object of the activity is to create a model of a famous landmark from around the world using household objects.

Game rules (which follow the similar rules to pictionary)

  1. Divide the number of players into TWO teams.

  2. A player from one team is given a famous landmark from the list below / attached by the opposite team (or create your own for added fun!)

  3. The player has up to 2 minutes to grab household items and construct their landmark. At the end of the time the remaining players from their team have to guess the landmark. A correct guess gains the team a point.

  4. The teams then swap roles and a player from the opposite team now follows steps 2 and 3.

  5. Teams alternate until all of the landmarks on your list have been attempted.

  6. Total up your teams points....and return a household items to their places!

Other than anything you can find in your house, you will need to print the document below and cut it up, so you can randomly pick one and then try to build the structure.

Famous Landmark List with Pictures

Tell us about it!

How you can support your child:

If you are willing to share, take photos of the structures you create of famous landmarks, you can submit it using the form found in the navigation bar titled "Tell us about it." You can also tweet us and tag @OGATrust on twitter, don't forget tagging your academy twitter account as well!

You can help too! How?

  • You can take part and see if you can guess the structures.

  • You could come up with more monuments that could be created.