Elephant Sculptures

Want to make an uber-cool sculpture?

Recycle used plastic milk bottles to make these awesome Elephant scupltures

What will you need:


  • Used plastic milkbottles (give them a really good clean)

  • Scraps of coloured paper/ tissue/ magazines cut into random square shapes.

  • PVA glue or alternative

Simple but effective!

  • Ask an adult for help to cut your milk bottle into the required shape. You need to cut a shape for the 4 legs and then cut the handle to make a truck

  • Glue your squares of paper to create a sculpture that is as colourful as possible.

  • Glue together a few squares of paper to make something thick enough to add as ears

  • Get the whole family involved if you can. These make lovely presents for little ones.

Tell us about it!

How you can support your child

Once you have made your elephant sculpture, take a photo of it. If you want to share a picture of what you have produced, you can submit it using the form found in the navigation bar titled "Tell us about it." You can also tweet us and tag @OGATrust on twitter, don't forget tagging your academy twitter account as well!

You can help too! How?

  • Help them to get started by making sure they have everything they need. Support with use of craft knife or scissors to cut the elephant shape from the milk carton.

  • Take part and make a family of elephants!