Outside Bingo

Ever wanted to make a walk more interesting?

Now you can with outdoor bingo!


  1. Before going out on a family walk make a list of things you could see on that walk (examples to the right).

  2. Create “bingo cards” using the list in different places on the grids.

  3. When you are out and about, check them off as you see them. You could play for a line and a full house!

White Fence

Brown Dog

Red Coat

Black Front door

Oak Tree

Rain Clouds

Black Bird


Yellow Flower



Basket Ball

Blue Car




Planted Garden Pot




Road Sign

How you can help your child:

Tell us about it:

You can help out too! How?

  • Help your child come up with the list of things that they might see on your walk.

  • Create your own list and compete against your child whilst on the walk.

If you want to share, take a photo of the outdoor bingo winner and click on the link in the navigation bar "Tell us about it" to submit it on the form! You could also tweet the photo of the outdoor bingo winner to the whole OGAT family by tagging @OGATrust and using the hashtag #OGATbingo.