Sustained Drawing

Do you have the concentration to complete a sustained drawing?

Sustained drawings are a method of training hands to sketch what the brain has already seen.


  1. Choose one of the images shown below.

  2. Draw the image using just pencil.

  3. Your drawing should be A4 or A5 and you should aim to spend at least 2 hours on your piece of work.

  4. Consider tone, form, contrast and detail.

  5. Photograph your drawing as it progresses to show the development of your work.

Tell us about it!

How you can support your child

Once you have completed your sustained drawing, take a photo of it and put it side by side the image you have recreated. If you want to share a picture of what you have produced, you can submit it using the form found in the navigation bar titled "Tell us about it." You can also tweet us and tag @OGATrust on twitter, don't forget tagging your academy twitter account as well!

You can help too! How?

  • Complete your own version with your child and compare it.

  • Provide encouragement to keep concentration for a long period of time.