A-Z Photography Challenge

So, you're wondering just what to do with yourselves during the school closure? Well, why don't you try this little challenge.

With our love of mobile phones and apps such as instagram and tiktok we all know how to use the cameras on our phones, right? Well, with this challenge you can put that knowledge to good use and be creative in a whole new way! This, is the A-Z Photography Challenge!


The alphabet is a thing we take for granted but is a wonderful way to order things, and when we are revising these alphabetical hooks can help us to remember. So, why not see how creative you can be in putting an image to each letter. I had a try, simply spending 5 minutes walking around my house to see what I could come up with, I then put them on a Google Slide so I could show you the results. Something simple to do and is possible for us all to do, for free!

  1. Click on the link here for a template in Google Slides to use

  2. Now go and find a photo for each letter of the alphabet and put it on the Google slides.

  3. Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your challenge!

Other Creative Methods:

If you are more sporty, why not try getting someone at home to photograph you getting into the shapes of the letters of the alphabet using just your body?

You may want to limit yourself to:

  • only one subject,

  • or only one room,

  • how about trying the alphabet of food,

  • or sports or plants/flowers

  • or colours or

  • book titles

  • or book authors

  • or ..... the list is endless. What will you come up with?

How you can help your child:

Tells us about it!

You can help out too! How?

  • Get involved and help come up with ideas about the photo for each letter!

  • Get extended family members involved in different households by competing against them!

If you want to share these submit them on the form that can be found by clicking the "Tell us about it" link in the navigation bar, and link your Google Slide document. You could also take a photo of it and tweet to the whole OGAT family by tagging @OGATrust and using the hashtag #OGATphotochallenge.