Outdoor Olympics

Gym closed? Football postponed? Swimming pool shut?

It's time to recreate your favourite events in your back garden! Let your imagination run wild as you find ways to carry out some of your favourite sports. Check out the video to the right of the 200M Swimming Final!


How you can help your child:

  1. Decide on a sport you like that you want to recreate.

  2. Find the different equipment you need to recreate the event.

  3. Get someone to record you creating that event

You can help out too! How?

  • Give them creatives ideas about how they can replicate their favourite sport in the house / garden.

  • Make sure they don't do anything dangerous!

  • Record them re-enacting the sport so they can share it!

Tell us about it:

If you want to share your efforts, get someone to record a video of you taking part in your new sport, then click on the link in the navigation bar titled "Tell us about it" and submit it on the form! You could also tweet the video to the whole OGAT family by tagging @OGATrust and using the hashtag #OGATOlympics.