Picasso Masks

See yourself as a bit of a Picasso?

Recycle leftover cardboard to create these fabulous faces in the style of famous Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso.

What you will need:

Left over cardboard, pens, pencils and paints, PVA glue, scissors or a craft knife (Adult help needed)


Use left over cardboard to cut out shapes and create your Picasso style mask. ASK AN ADULT FOR HELP TO USE A CRAFT KNIFE!

Get everyone in the family involved!

Picasso is famous for his bold colour choices as well as his abstract approach. Add as much colour as possible. The brighter the better!

Perhaps get a family member not in your household to judge the winning entry (online!) Display it forever at home :)

Tell us about it!

How you can support your child

Once you have made your Picasso masks, take a photo, if you want to share a picture of what you have produced, you can submit it using the form found in the navigation bar titled "Tell us about it." You can also tweet us and tag @OGATrust on twitter, don't forget tagging your academy twitter account as well!

Join in! Encourage everybody in the family to take part and make it a bit of a competition. Your child may also need guidance using scissors or asking you to use a craft knife for cutting the cardboard.