Make a reuseable face mask

Making a reusable face mask with a replaceable filter

Wearing face masks is a hot topic at the moment, but one thing most people agree on is that wearing one can cut down on the spreading of the COVID 19 virus to others, especially if you don't know whether you've got it yet. DIY masks are a way of getting more people to wear them without affecting supplies of professional masks to the NHS and other key workers. There are lots of examples on You Tube that need to be sewn, but what if you don't have a sewing machine, or would like to experiment with recycled materials? This mask uses a waterproof carton as the basis for the mask, and then adds separate layers of cloth for the filter, so that this can be changed regularly.

If you try this mask design out, you may find you can improve it, or come up with something that's much better in every way, in which case you can circulate your new invention with pride and help safeguard public health!

What you will need:

How you can help your child:

  • Empty and cleaned drinks carton with aluminised lining, eg Tetra Pak Tesco 1 litre UHT milk carton

  • Empty and cleaned 2l plastic drinks bottle (eg water or lemonade)

  • Strong waterproof tape (eg Duck/Gorilla)

  • Masking tape

  • 1m Fence wire or similar, and pliers for an adult to cut and bend it

  • Sharp knife for adult use only

  • Scissors

  • You will need to help with the cutting of the strong tape, which requires a sharp knife and a technique shown on the video to keep the small strips useable, and to supervise all cutting out with scissors.

  • If the mask is to be used seriously, parents must also take responsibility for making sure the mask fits well, the filter material is appropriate, and that they understand that like all DIY masks it is not a substitute for a medical grade N95 mask. It is an alternative DIY mask that does not require sewing, and seeks to use recyclable materials.


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