Design your own sport

Ever wondered who the first person was to kick a ball into a net and call it a goal? Ever wondered who decided a basket was worth 2 points? Ever wondered why Tennis is called Tennis?

Well someone had to come up with these rules and create a new game! How about you create a brand new sport which we can then play in school?


1. Find a safe space

the bigger the better, but make sure it is safe!

2. Decide on the number of players

do you have some people with you at home that could take part? The more the merrier!

3. What type of game are you creating?


Score points for getting closer to a target or for knocking the target down (e.g. Darts, bowling)


Working against another team to move an object into a goal or into an area (e.g. basketball, rugby, football)

Net / Wall

Moving an object against a wall or over a net where your opponent can not return an object (e.g. tennis, table tennis, volleyball)

4. Select the Rules

Great opportunity to work as a team. If you're playing with a small group or in pairs, share the responsibility and pick a new rule each. Bring the rules together and 'booooooom' there's your game!


How will you move yourselves or your equipment?


What type of equipment will you use? How will you use it?


What are your 'in' and 'out' boundaries?

How to score

How can you earn points?

5. Play the game!

The best part! Make sure everyone knows the rules and give your new game a go. Tweak your rules at the end if you need to!

What next?

How you can support your child

Now you have got the game all worked out, think about:

  • Making a tournament / league with others in your house

  • Teaching it to someone else

  • Coming up with a name for your game!

  • Making a poster explaining the rules of your game

You can help out too! How?

  • Take part and play in the game they have come up with.

  • Give them some feedback on what bits worked well and what could be improved

  • Be the referee between siblings!

Tell us about it!

Record yourself / your family taking part in your new sport. If you want to share a video of people doing your new sport, you can submit it using the form found in the navigation bar titled "Tell us about it." You can also tweet us and tag @OGATrust on twitter, don't forget tagging your academy twitter account as well!